Does moissanite shine better than diamond?


Does moissanite shine better than diamond?

Moissanite has recently been attracting attention as a gemstone that is an alternative to diamonds, as it is difficult to distinguish from diamonds, and although it is 2.5 times as bright as diamonds, it is affordable. It is also said to be an ethical and environmentally friendly gemstone because it is made artificially.

What is moissanite?

Are artificial gemstones really environmentally friendly?

Is it really 2.5 times brighter than diamond, and is it better than diamond?Here, I would like to compare moissanite and diamond and discuss their brilliance.

    Is it really 2.5 times brighter than diamonds? Is moissanite better quality?

    It is often said on various sites and blogs that moissanite shines 2.5 times more than diamonds! I think you'll see something like that. So what exactly does it mean to be 2.5 times brighter?

    Actually, the value of the dispersed light is about 2.5 times, so we simply express that the shine is about 2.5 times that of diamond. At GYPPHY, we express it this way because of the same meaning.




    The way it actually shines is that compared to diamonds, the light is dispersed more widely and it shines in rainbow colors.



    As you can see from the photo, moissanite has a wide and large shine (photo taken from CHARLES & COLVARD). Its overwhelming brilliance is said to be the best among gemstones.


    ・So, does moissanite shine better than diamond?

    In conclusion, the brilliance of both is very beautiful, and there is no way to compare them with superiority or inferiority. Indeed, the brilliance of moissanite is overwhelming and conspicuous, and it is more beautiful than you can imagine. However, the white sparkle of diamonds is different from that of moissanite, making it very beautiful and beautiful.

    It does not mean that 2.5 times more shine = better or better quality than diamond. This is completely a matter of preference.

    However, when you see moissanite for the first time, you will be surprised by its overwhelming shine, regardless of your preference!


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