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GYPPHY's Moissanite

~Pre-shipment inspection~

Recently, as recognition of moissanite has spread, various problems have arisen.In some cases, moissanite is sold under the guise of being a natural diamond, and artificial gemstones such as zirconia are used to disguise it as moissanite.

Moissanite has a unique charm that cannot be replaced by other gemstones, and at GYPPHY, we directly purchase genuine moissanite and commercialize it.

In order to deliver high quality moissanite to our customers, we use a tester to inspect each item before shipping.(Using PRESIDIUM® Multi Tester lll)

When moissanite is detected, the yellow part of the monitor lights up.Moissanite is structurally similar to diamond, so it is very often recognized as a diamond (lit green).

Why we use Moissanite.

The moissanite sold at GYPPHY is purchased from a major semiconductor company in China.
There are two reasons as follows.


The substance used as one of the base materials for semiconductors is made of silicon carbide (SiC), the same as moissanite, and it can be used for secondary purposes, and as a result, we have obtained high-quality materials. This is to be able to enter
GYPPHY's philosophy is to create ethical/sustainable jewelry, and in order to provide moissanite without using electrical energy, we receive surplus SiC from the company and provide it in the form of jewelry. We have

*Actual photo of supplier companyThis equipment manufactures SiC

Also, since semiconductor materials are sensitive, high purity of the material is extremely important due to their characteristics.This is because it is manufactured with great care in a clean room with no dust whatsoever, so you can actually obtain high-quality moissanite.

*Semiconductor circuitIt must be high-quality moissanite (SiC) with very high purity.

SiC for semiconductors is difficult to make and very expensive.Currently, there are few companies in the world that can manufacture SiC, and China is working on this as a national business, so they can produce products of high quality.


Because we are a trustworthy company
Moissanite is famously produced in China and the United States, but in fact, there are many American manufacturers who purchase rough stone from China, cut it domestically, and claim that it is made in the United States. isGYPPHY believes that in that case, it would be impossible to trace where the moissanite actually came from, and therefore we would not be able to responsibly provide it to our customers.
Nowadays, there are an increasing number of unscrupulous traders who sell moissanite falsely as natural diamonds, and artificial gemstones such as zirconia falsely as moissanite, so we need to be able to purchase with confidence and provide peace of mind to our customers. We make our products from raw stones and purchase them directly from reliable companies that are supported by the government.



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