Bezel moissanite necklace [platinum]


expansion ベゼルモアサナイトネックレス【プラチナ950】-ネックレス-GYPPHY|モアサナイトジュエリー
expansion ベゼルモアサナイトネックレス【プラチナ950】-ネックレス-GYPPHY|モアサナイトジュエリー

Bezel moissanite necklace [platinum]

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Moissanite size(ct)

Description of item

A necklace with a bezel setting that prevents clothes or hair from getting caught. Also, by covering the edges of the moissanite, it will look a little bigger. The design has a modern yet casual look, so it's perfect for everyday use, regardless of your outfit. This is a great item for yourself or as a gift!

*The product in the installation example is K18 yellow gold.
*As each item is carefully made by craftsmen, the thickness of the wheel stopper may differ slightly from the image shown.

Chain: 45cm (

Ball slide type so you can adjust it to your desired length )
Center motif (for 0.1ct): Diameter: approx. 4mm
(for 0.3ct): Diameter: approx. 6mm

Chain: Platinum 850
Body (base): Platinum 950
*Nickel free
Gem: Moissanite
Center stone: Round shape 0.1ct or 0.3ct

Regarding the material

▪️PT950 95%がプラチナでできている。耐久性が非常に高く、永久的に使える素材です。

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Some of the gold/silver used in GYPPHY is purchased through fair trade from mines that exclude poor working conditions and do not involve child labor.


All moissanite used in GYPPHY is a secondary use of industrial products made of the same material (SiC). Because it is recycled, it is possible to manufacture it using as little electrical energy as possible.

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