“Brand logo” and “wrapping” have been renewed!


“Brand logo” and “wrapping” have been renewed!


Published: July 16-2020

We have renewed the "brand logo" and "wrapping"!

The brand logo has a casual and pop design, with the hope that you can easily pick it up and enjoy GYPPHY jewelry.

For the direction, we received cooperation from people who have worked in graphic design for Hermes, Baccarat, Saint Louis, Cartier, Leica, etc., as well as general art direction for fashion brand ZUCCa♩

Also, the wrapping has been completely renewed!

By the way, the previous wrapping had this stylish design based on black.


Every item, from the jewelry box to the warranty card, was packed separately to make the purchaser happy.

The result...


So many materials were used to make one package! *A catalog was also added here.

This is what is called "excess packaging."

One of GYPPHY's missions is "Through jewelry, we can solve environmental problems in the world and contribute to society," but there are many things that are thrown away. In many cases, environmental issues were not considered.


The materials used include high-quality plastic materials...

Despite the fact that the world is currently facing many problems regarding the disposal of plastics, such as destruction of the marine ecosystem and landfilling, the current situation in which such materials are used is .

I regret that I cannot say that I am contributing to the environment.

In the future, we will be living in an era where we must be more considerate of environmental issues, and we will use packaging materials such as wrapping so that we can proudly say that we are an "ethical/sustainable jewelry brand." I decided to review it.

And here is the completed packaging!


This time, we have adopted yellow as the brand color to create a pop design.

Yellow has positive meanings such as "bright," "fun," "active," and "happiness." We chose yellow as our brand color because we want you to feel happier when you wear GYPPHY jewelry.

We have also made sure to use FSC-certified materials (materials obtained from environmentally friendly forests) and plastic-free tape in everything from jewelry boxes to warranty cards.

When dismantled...



Compared to conventional methods, we were able to reduce packaging materials by more than half! *A catalog will be added here.

This time, we also include chamois leather so that customers can maintain it themselves.

It's now simpler, but we've redesigned the packaging so it doesn't look cheap! We will carefully package your jewelry to ensure that it arrives in good condition.


The black jewelry box will be used for bridal purposes until stock runs out. Other jewelry will be shipped in new packaging.

We will continue to strive to improve and become a more ethical/sustainable moissanite jewelry brand.

Please continue to look forward to GYPPHY and check it out♩


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