What is moissanite?


What is moissanite?

GYPPHY's jewelry is characterized by the gemstone "Moissanite".

Moissanite is not yet familiar in Japan, but it is slowly gaining popularity.

After reading this, you'll definitely love Moissanite. We bring you the charm of moissanite.


Moissanite is a <!?


Moissanite is a highly sought-after gemstone that is currently explosively popular in Europe and America, from fast fashion to bridal wear, and is gaining popularity as a higher quality jewelry than diamonds.

Moissanite was discovered in 1893 by French scientist Moissan from a meteorite that crashed into northern Arizona.

After thorough investigation, the material was determined to be silicon carbide (SiC), which contains the same carbon (C) as diamond.

In fact, natural gemstones are only found in meteorites, and are extremely rare on Earth, so it is no exaggeration to call them "legendary gemstones." A romantic jewel.

Because it is so beautiful, research into synthetic moissanite was carried out, and synthetic moissanite was finally introduced to the world in 1998.

At that time, it was technically not easy to manufacture and was very expensive, but now technology has advanced and the price has become cheaper.


Properties of moissanite

Diamond and moissanite have very similar structures and look so similar that even a discriminator can confuse them.

Moissanite is about the same hardness as diamond, the hardest gemstone on earth, so it is strong against impact and difficult to break.

And the most appealing thing about moissanite is that it is ``approximately 2.5 times as bright as diamond.'' Moissanite is characterized by its iridescent color.

It is also said to be easier to use on a daily basis as it is more resistant to oil and less prone to clouding than diamond.


Low price

Since moissanite is a man-made gemstone, it has the great advantage of being cheaper than natural stones. On average, each brand costs about 1/10th of a diamond.

Some people choose diamonds as an alternative to diamonds in wedding rings and other bridal jewelry.


About quality

Diamonds have a certificate of authenticity to prove their quality, and the quality is determined based on four criteria: carat (weight), clarity (transparency), color, and cut (proportion and finish). will be evaluated.

Certificates are issued by internationally recognized appraisal agencies such as GIA.

Currently, there are no such appraisals for moissanite, so 4C is often determined by each company's standards.

However, there is now a fake moissanite appraisal agency in China called “GRA”. There has also been a problem where the contents of the certificate were exactly the same even though the quality was completely different.





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