Valentine's Day Special


Valentine's Day Special

It's almost Valentine's DayVarious gifts are now being seen around town.
In Japan, it is a mainstream custom for women to give chocolate to men on Valentine's Day, but do you know its history and what kind of gifts are given in other countries?
Today we will introduce the history of Valentine's Day, and then we will introduce jewelry from GYPPHY that is recommended as a Valentine's gift.
History of Valentine's Day

There are various theories, but the most likely one is said to originate from the Roman Empire in the 3 century.At the time, Christian priest Valentinus married many soldiers in secret from the Roman emperor, who forbade soldiers to marry.Eventually, rumors of him reached the emperor's ears, and the angry emperor ordered that such a thing never happen again, but he preached the value of love, and Valentinus, who refused to comply with his orders, was eventually executed. I'll put it away t4>Saint Valentine's day" and is said to have started as a holiday as "Love Day."
For this reason, Valentine's Day in other countries is still strongly recognized as a "day of love" just as it has been in history, and contrary to Japan, men send message cards, bouquets of flowers, and jewelry to women. It is customary to give a gift along with it.Or, if they are lovers or husband and wife, they may give gifts to each other.

This year, in line with the original origin of "Love Day," why not take the plunge and ask your partner for jewelry?
Alternatively, it would be a good idea to gift each other matching jewelry in conjunction with White Day.

I want to ask!
Recommended jewelry that is easy to wear for any occasion [5 selections]

Small Moissanite studs 0.1ct/0.3ct

Simple single stud earringsA staple item you'll want to have0.1ct allows you to enjoy the subtle shine, while 0.3ct allows you to enjoy the presence of moissanite.

Circle pop earring

Earrings with a simple round shape when viewed from the frontMoissanite is used luxuriously on the sides for a luxurious design.Recommended for those looking for something simple but a little different.

Solitaire Moissanite Necklace

A necklace that everyone admiresBecause it is moissanite, you can enjoy items using large stones.The solitaire setting is designed to allow light to enter easily, so it is especially recommended for those who want to enjoy a gorgeous atmosphere.

Bezel moissanite necklace

Since the moissanite is surrounded by gold, it is a little harder for light to enter than solitaire, so it has a distinctive shine that is subdued.Therefore, it has a design that can be worn casually.Recommended for those who can't wear gorgeous jewelry at the office.

Akoya pinch ring

A ring that creates a bold space that gives you a sense of looseness.Made with large Akoya pearls and moissanite, it has enough presence even when worn alone.An item that is easy to wear on a daily basis, with a design that gives off an elegant yet casual atmosphere.

I want to wear it with my partner!
Pair jewelry [3 selections]


GYPPHY's G-inspired silver ringThe ring has no stones and is wide enough to be neither too thin nor too thick, so it can be worn by unisex people.Available in two colors, silver and gold, so you can wear them with your partner in different colors

Ladder stone ring & Ladder ring

Rings with the same design that can be worn as a pair with or without stonesThe spacious design makes your fingers look neat and clean.It has just the right width, so it looks well balanced whether you wear it on your index finger, middle finger, or ring finger.

Silver bangle

Simple silver bangleAvailable in a wide range of sizes such as S, M, and L, it can be worn by both men and women.Bangles are an item that is easy for jewelry beginners to try, so they are also recommended for people who don't usually wear jewelry.

[Extra edition]
NEW ERA x GYPPHY collaboration cap


Collaboration cap with American cap brand NEW ERA9THIRTY's simple black design with the GYPPHY logo embroidered on it is popular among a wide range of people.It's easy to match with any outfit, and you can even wear it with your partner.Also, it's cheaper than jewelry, so it might be easier to ask for it.

This time, we introduced jewelry that you would want as a Valentine's gift, as well as matching jewelry that you can wear with your partner.What do you think? I would appreciate it if you could give me some help!

Also, we have mainly introduced products that are currently in stock, so If it is an immediate delivery item, it can be shipped within 2 business days. It becomesIf you would like to receive it by Valentine's Day, please consider it as soon as possible.
*Please note that some sizes and colors may be out of stock.

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