4 unique items selected by stylists


4 unique items selected by stylists

This article is recommended for those who want to express their individuality rather than a standard design. This time, we would like to introduce four unique pieces of jewelry selected by stylists active in the fashion industry that GYPPHY has worked with!


Dome earrings

It is an unusual design with a simple and beautiful form that has a strong presence. The well-balanced size allows you to fully decorate your ears, and it also gives a chic impression, so it is recommended for people who want to express their individuality around their ears.
This product has a sense of luxury in terms of both its presence and weight, and allows you to express your individuality with just one product. It's especially useful in the summer when your skin is exposed! The design matches any outfit, whether mode, casual, or conservative.
Although it is a standard chain necklace, each necklace is hand-woven by craftsmen with a detailed design and a focus on the ultimate sense of balance. You can adjust the length as you like, so you can wear it like a choker or double wrap it to make a bracelet. It can also be used as an accent when layered with necklaces, making it versatile for a variety of occasions.
A design inspired by the tail of a squamate. Although it is simple, it has a shape that fits well on your fingers, making it comfortable to wear and giving it a cool look. The design, in which each part overlaps like a scale, is very cute and popular.
I have introduced the above four products.
I hope this will be of some help to those who are looking for something unique and different from others!

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