Less than 30,000 yen! 8 products that stand out on their own!


Less than 30,000 yen! 8 products that stand out on their own!

As the weather gets colder and we enjoy wearing coats and other voluminous fashion, delicate jewelry tends to lose its presence, but layering too many pieces will end up making things look messy, so it's best to have just the right amount of volume. Choosing a piece of jewelry that complements your fashion style even just by itself will create a balance.

This time we will introduce 5 rings and 3 earrings that are easy to pick up from GYPPHY and Even just one of them will highlight your personality.

■Ring edition

1. Black Enamel Pinch Ring

The black enamel that wraps around the fingers expresses strength and confidence with a fashionable feel.
This ring has a voluminous feel, but the gap and vertical design make the finger look neat and long.
2. Akoya Pinch Ring

The size perfectly matches the fixing method of Akoya pearls and the delicateness of the ring. Features an elegant design that looks like it's being worn between

By reducing metal materials and creating a minimal design, you can simply enjoy 8mm large Akoya, rings, and moissanite without clutter, and the ring will also make your fingers look neat and clean.
A genderless ring with Akoya pearls luxuriously covered in gold and a touch of moissanite added to give the gorgeous pearls a more modern and fashionable design.

A feature of the design is that it looks cute no matter where the pearl is shifted to the left or right, so you can enjoy wearing it in different ways with this one ring.
A simple ring that will make you feel like you are wearing two rings.The moissanite used in each ring gives it a luxurious feel, making it feel like you're wearing a completely different ring.
Design inspired by the tail of a squamate The simple but moderate volume and shape and details that express the shape of the tail create a unique fashion.
■Piercing edition
Simple and modern design with a strong presenceThese earrings have just the right amount of volume to make your ears look stylish and express your personality.The parabolic lines have a unique form and a luxurious feel, creating an elegant and mature woman.
Popular items with only a few left
The combination of moissanite and enamel combines a good old vintage feel with a modern modern feel, creating a design that feels both elegant and fashionable while maintaining a luxurious feel.

Five colors of beautiful and glossy enamel are available, and the expression changes depending on each color.
Simple design that matches a single moissanite and spiral designSince it is a type without a catch, it is difficult to get caught and is perfect for active scenes.
The earrings are delicate, but it looks like you are wearing two.
These are the 8 recommended items to change into your fall/winter wardrobe!
Please try jewelry that matches your voluminous clothes.

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