Does moissanite have any drawbacks? Things to note when purchasing


Does moissanite have any drawbacks? Things to note when purchasing

Moissanite, which is popular for its shine, is a reasonably priced gemstone that is easy to use even in casual situations.Please check the drawbacks of moissanite and things to be careful about when purchasing, and purchase with confidence.In this article, we will introduce the things you should pay attention to when purchasing moissanite such as 4C.

Moissanite, which is popular in the United States, is gradually becoming a hot topic in Japan due to the influence of SNS.Moissanite is attractive for its diamond-like shine and affordable price range, but moissanite also has its drawbacks. This time, we will explain the disadvantages of moissanite and things to be careful of when purchasing.Choose the right moissanite and truly enjoy fashion.

Does moissanite have any drawbacks?

Moissanite is a man-made gemstoneFor those who are particular about natural stone, the fact that it is an artificial stone may be a drawback. Also, since it is not very well known in Japan, there are not many stores that carry it.One drawback is that the designs you can choose from tend to be limited.

Moissanite has many charms

Moissanite has disadvantages such as being an artificial stone and lack of design, but it has many charms.If you are not particular about natural stones, this is a gemstone that you should definitely check out. If it is a stone of the same size, it is more than twice as bright as a diamond, but the price is more reasonable compared to a diamond.Even small stones have a strong presence as the shine spreads widely.Prices are also kept low, and large stones are also relatively reasonably priced.

*It is said that due to the characteristics of the material, the power to disperse light is more than twice as strong.


Be careful of this when purchasing moissanite

Here are two things to keep in mind when purchasing moissanite.Please check before purchasing

1. Check 4C

Like diamonds, moissanite also has the 4Cs. The 4Cs are the following four ● Carat, which indicates weight ● Cut, which indicates brilliance ● Color, which indicates color ● Clarity, which indicates transparency It is well known that the price of a diamond changes depending on its 4C rank, but in reality, there is no 4C certificate for moissanite. (Although there is an organization called GRA in China that appraises moissanite, its details are not clear.)The selling brand may set the 4Cs to determine the price, or the manufacturer may decide the 4Cs independently.However, even if there is no appraisal, it is certain that the price will fluctuate depending on the rank of 4C.So, just like diamonds, the higher the quality, the more expensive they are.

2. Check the jewelry management system

You can tell whether the moissanite you are selling is genuine by checking it with a tester before shipping it to the store. Depending on the brand, the purchasing/manufacturing management system may not be consistent, and products may be mixed with other gemstones or jewelry.Before purchasing, check the website of the store or brand to make sure it has been thoroughly checked by testers.

Check the quality of moissanite before purchasing

When purchasing moissanite, pay attention to the 4Cs and management system.Moissanite has disadvantages such as it is not a natural stone and has few designs.However, it is an attractive stone that is reasonably priced and has a beautiful shine that is indistinguishable from diamonds. Please check the quality before purchasing and experience the beauty of moissanite.

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