What is the value of moissanite? Current price market and future trend


What is the value of moissanite? Current price market and future trends

Moissanite, which has a beautiful shine similar to diamond, is still not well known in Japan.In America, it has become as common as diamonds, and recently it has become a hot topic in Japan, especially on social media.We will explain the value of moissanite.

Moissanite is also popular because it resembles a diamond.Because it is difficult to identify, it may be difficult for the general public to tell the difference.It's not just because it looks like a diamond, but because it's colorless and transparent and has 2.5 times the shine of a diamond, it can be used as a fashion item. Since Moanasite is an artificial stone, many people are wondering whether it has value or not.Therefore, I will explain the value and market price of moissanite. Know the value and market price and purchase Moana Site with confidence.

*It just has 2.5 times more power to disperse light, and does not mean it has better shine.

What is the value of moissanite?

The value of moissanite is lower than that of natural diamonds because it is artificially created.However, compared to cubic zirconia, which is an artificial stone, moissanite is brighter, stronger, and more valuable. If you try to use it as a substitute for diamonds, you will feel that the value is low.However, if you consider it as an artificial gemstone called moissanite, which is different from diamonds, you will feel that its value is even higher.

Moissanite market value

When considering purchasing moissanite, it is important to know the market price.If you know the market price, you will not buy something that is abnormally expensive, and conversely, if it is abnormally low, you will be able to check why it is cheap. The market price of moissanite is around 10,000 yen for a round cut 1 ct loose stone, but this amount varies depending on the supplier. Additionally, there are very few opportunities to purchase moissanite loose, and most of the time it is purchased processed into rings, necklaces, etc.In that case, the price will vary greatly depending on the material and design of the metal part. Even if the price of moissanite is the same, if the metal is silver and platinum, platinum will naturally be more expensive.

Does the value of moissanite fluctuate?

Moissanite is a minor synthetic stone that is not well known in Japan.However, in the United States, it is well known and popular as a synthetic stone, so it is commonly used as an engagement ring. The reason why it became popular in the United States is that it looks and shines comparable to diamonds, and can be purchased at a low price. Another reason is that since it is an artificial stone, it is not created through unfair labor and is good for the global environment. The image of a clean material that is good for the global environment and has nothing to do with unfair labor is starting to influence Japan through social media and other media.If moissanite continues to grow in popularity in Japan, the value of wearing moissanite will naturally become high.

However, since it is an artificial stone, unfortunately it does not have any asset value.

Let's know about the value of moissanite

Moissanite, a man-made gemstone with a brighter shine than diamonds, has become a hot topic on social media.It is a popular gemstone that is commonly known in the United States and is often used in engagement rings. In Japan, more and more people are purchasing moissanite.Buy moissanite by knowing its value and market price correctly.

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