Recommended for your new life! A grain of moissanite jewelry


Recommended for your new life! A grain of moissanite jewelry

As we enter March, many people are probably preparing for a new life.

Today, we would like to introduce jewelry using a single moissanite that is recommended for your new life.
First of all, GYPPHY will explain how to fasten the stones used in the single-piece jewelry.Then, we will introduce recommended jewelry. I would like to introduce

Jewelry with a single design is easy to wear for any occasion and can be worn regardless of your age, so it is one of the recommended items for your new life.The impression will change depending on how you hold the stone, so please use the information below as a reference.We recommend giving it as a gift to yourself or a loved one!

[What are the differences in how to fasten stones? 】

Bezel setting (covering)

How to fasten the stone by surrounding it with metalSince there are no irregularities throughout, it is difficult for clothes or hair to get caught, and it is unique in that it looks larger than the original size of the stone.
However, since the stone is surrounded by metal, the area where light enters is narrowed, so the shine appears subdued.Therefore, this method is recommended for those who want to wear a piece of jewelry casually.

Solitaire setting (claw clamp)

How to fasten

stones with 4 or 6 nailsThe claw part is a little uneven, so you may be concerned about it getting caught, but compared to a bezel setting, the area where light enters is larger, so you can enjoy the strong shine of moissanite.Therefore, it is recommended for those who want to enjoy the gorgeous shine of stones.

[Single jewelry GYPPHYRecommended items7 selection]

① Bezel moissanite necklace

For those who want to avoid a flashy impression during office work or sales.
0.1ct is casual, while 0.3ct has just the right amount of presence and gives a mature impression. 

② Solitaire Moissanite Necklace

For those who like a gorgeous atmosphere and are looking for a necklace with a large stone
0.5ct/1ctBoth sizes are suitable for everyday use, but you can enjoy their solid presence. 

③Bezel pierced earrings

Earrings using moissanite of

Because it is small, it is recommended as a layering item

④Small Moissanite Studs

Stud earrings with solitaire setting
Choose the number of carats according to your preference and occasion of use.

⑤Bezel ring

Ring using moissanite of

The center stone type has a point in the center and has the effect of dividing the thickness into two, making your fingers look neat.

⑥Moissanite Grano ring

0.1ct Moissanite is held in place, and the uneven design around the ring gives a gorgeous impression.
It has a delicate design, so it is recommended for those who prefer conservative clothing.

⑦ Single moissanite bracelet

Design with

0.1ct moissanite in the center of the chain in a bezel setting
Items that are easy to wear for any occasion as they can be worn with any outfit or occasion.

So far we have introduced jewelry that uses a single moissanite, but what do you think?
We hope that your new life will be fun and happy!



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