When in doubt, this is it! 5 rings recommended for beginners


When in doubt, this is it! 5 rings recommended for beginners

Even if you want to try a ring, there are probably many people who don't know what kind of ring to choose. GYPPHY's ring collection includes many items that are easy for beginners to try. This time, our staff has picked out 5 rings that are simple, have just the right amount of presence, and are especially easy for beginners to try! Please use this as a reference when shopping.


Bezel Ring

A straight run ring with 0.1ct moissanite. The bezel setting surrounds the stone with gold, so it won't get caught on clothes, so it's recommended for everyday use. The basic one-piece design goes well with any type of clothing, making it an item that anyone can easily incorporate into it.

V Ring


The V-line design makes your fingers look longer and more beautiful. Furthermore, the stoneless type is simple and easy for beginners to adopt, and can be worn on a daily basis without hesitation. It's easy to choose the next ring to stack, so it's the perfect first ring.

Full eternity ring

A full eternity ring with a delicate construction. The luxury of being able to enjoy the brilliance of moissanite from any angle is appealing. A thin ring like this is also recommended as a pinky ring.

Single baguette moissanite ring

Baguette cut moissanite has a slightly subdued shine, so you can enjoy the elegance without being too flashy. It fits perfectly on your finger and has just the right amount of presence to stand out from the rest. The black onyx version is also a popular item at GYPPHY. Click here for product details →Single baguette black onyx ring

Single moissanite chain ring

A chain ring that is so light that you will forget you are wearing it. A grain of moissanite is used as an accent to make your fingers look beautiful. The shine of the chain adds even more glamor to this ring than a regular ring.


Please use this as a reference!


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