Recommended piercings for different face shapes


Recommended piercings for different face shapes

By face shape!
Recommended earrings that suit you

Published: July 10-2020

There are many different types of earrings, from small ones to large and flashy ones, but have you ever wondered what type suits you?

By choosing earrings that match your face shape , you can make your face line look more slender.

We have picked up the characteristics of earrings that suit "round face", "long face", "base face", and "egg face" as well as recommended GYPPHY earrings!

Please use this as a reference when choosing your next earrings.

~Mr. Marugao~

Vertical line designs and dangling earrings are recommended.By emphasizing the vertical lines, the entire face looks sharper and the facial lines look neater.

It may be better to avoid designs with width or roundness as they may emphasize the round face.

↓Recommended earrings *Select 1*

Double string earrings

K9 ¥24,200


↓Recommended earrings *Select 2*

Modern line earrings

K9 ¥29,900

(others, three stone earrings )


~Mr. Mencho~

We recommend earrings with a wide width and a rounded design.By choosing a shape that contrasts with your face shape, you can soften a sharp impression.

Vertical designs may emphasize the length of the surface, so it may be better to avoid them.

↓Recommended earrings *Select 1*

Dome earrings

Gold Vermeil ¥25,000


↓Recommended earrings *Select 2*

Arch piercing

K9 ¥29,800


~Base face~

We recommend large, rounded earrings or flashy, voluminous earrings.By creating a strong impression around the ears, you can make the gills less noticeable.It is also recommended that you wear ear cuffs to keep your eyes away from above your earlobes.

It may be best to avoid small, bulky earrings as they may make your face line look larger.

↓Recommended earrings *Select 1*

Half eternity earrings

K9 ¥69,800


↓Recommended earrings *Select 2*

Dome earrings

Gold Vermeil ¥25,000

(others, ear cuff: WAVE, ring: Ladder Stone Ring)



An egg-faced person with the most even and ideal face line and is the object of admiration from those around him.You can try out relatively any type of earrings and enjoy a variety of designs.

Rather than dangling earrings, we recommend straight-on type earrings as they will make your egg-faced face line stand out and make you look more beautiful.

↓Recommended earrings *Select 1*

RISE K9 ¥29,000


↓Recommended earrings *Select 2*

Mini half eternity earrings

K9 ¥29,700


What do you think of the recommended earrings for each face type?Did you find the earrings you are interested in?

Just by wearing the earrings, the area around your face will suddenly become brighter, and the sparkle of moissanite will make it even more gorgeous.

No matter what kind of earrings you wear, if they have the design you like, you'll be excited and can spend the day in a good mood.In addition to that, choosing earrings that match your face line will make your face look even more refreshing! You can add confidence that

I would appreciate it if you could help me in choosing future earrings.We hope that the power of jewelry will make your days even brighter and more wonderful!

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