Recommended items for bezel setting


Recommended items for bezel setting


Perfect for everyday use!
Bezel setting items
3 recommended items!

Published: July 17-2020

My girlfriend wants to wear jewelry every day, but she is worried about it getting scratched, so I'm sure there are many people who keep their favorite jewelry in the back of their drawer...

Moissanite's "bezel setting" is perfect for daily use! We would like to introduce three recommended "bezel setting" items from GYPPHY's jewelry collection!

We also offer coordination ideas for layering each item, so please refer to them♩


What is "bezel setting"?

In Japanese, it is a method of fixing jewelry called “Okuwa-dome”.

There are two main ways to fix jewelry: with claws and without claws.Bezel setting is classified as "without claws"What kind of characteristics does it have? .. ..

・Easy to use on a daily basis as it doesn't get caught on clothes or hair

・Since the moissanite is surrounded by metal, it is hard to get scratched and stays firmly in place, so it can be used in active scenes.

・It is slightly larger than the actual carat number and looks voluminous

We would like to introduce you to the “bezel setting” items that are recommended for everyday use!

《Select. 1》


K18 0.1ct ... ¥41,000

0.3ct ...¥47,000

*Recommended Point*

Modern yet casual designPerfect for everyday use, regardless of your outfitNot only for yourself, but also as a gift for your loved ones.

~ Recommended Coordinate ~


⇩Check here for product details⇩

Top - - -

Bezel settingMoissanite necklace

K18 0.1ct ¥41,000

Bottom - - - Arch Necklace 3

K18 ¥73,700

《Select. 2》


K18 ... ¥38,500

*Recommended Point*

Can be worn for any occasion, from casual to formal.In the coming season, the sparkle of moissanite will definitely catch the attention of those around you when you put your arm out.

~ Recommended Coordinate ~


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Left - - -

Single moissanite bracelet

K18 ¥38,500

Right - - -

Black zirconia moissanite bracelet

K18 ¥52,800

《Select. 3》


K9 ... ¥17,600

K18 ... ¥24,200

*Recommended Point*

Popular design with single moissanite and chain styleIt is a delicate and narrow ring, so it is especially recommended as a pinky ring.Enjoy layering it with your own rings.

~ Recommended Coordinate ~


⇩Check here for product details⇩

Forefinger - - - Dot ring

       K9 ¥30,000

Pinky - - -

Single moissanite chain ring

K9 ¥17,600

We have introduced GYPPHY's highly recommended "bezel setting", what do you think? Please find your favorite item and wear it as everyday jewelry.

Also, all of the items introduced this time are simple and recommended as gifts for your loved ones!

We sincerely hope that GYPPHY's ethical and sustainable moissanite jewelry will make your everyday life even more wonderful♡


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