Introducing rings recommended for people with thin fingers


Introducing rings recommended for people with thin fingers

Today we will introduce what kind of rings look good on thin fingers.
You can enjoy pretty much any design, but the recommended designs will vary slightly depending on whether you have long fingers or short fingers, so Choose a ring that suits each of you.GYPPHYItems We will pick up and introduceI would appreciate it if you could use it as a reference.

1. Thin and short fingers
We recommend a delicate type of ring that fits slender fingers and matches the balance of the hand.It may be best to avoid thick and wide voluminous rings as they can make your fingers look unnecessarily short.

Emerald Moissanite Full Eternity Ring

A very popular item with a full eternity design and emerald cut moissanite in a narrow ring width.A ring with a vertical center stone that makes your fingers look slender and longer.

Click here for the ring with stones on the side⇒Emerald Moissanite full eternity ring side ver.

V  recta ring

V-line ring design with moissanite that makes your fingers look longerModerately delicate, this ring is perfect for youIt's also simple, so it's easy to wear in any situation, and it's sure to come in handy on a daily basis.

Click here for rings without stones⇒V ring

Open thin ring

A simple and delicate ring accented with two meremoissanites.The design has an open space, so even people with thick joints can easily put it on and take it off.Recommended item as a pinky ring

Oculus ring

Delicate ring with an eye motif designA small moissanite shines casually, creating a cute and glamorous look.This ring is extremely easy to use and can be layered easily.

Click here for the green moissanite version⇒Oculus ring with Green Moissanite


Luxurious full eternity type delicate ringSince it has a stone all around it, it is especially recommended to wear it on the index finger or little finger, where the design can be seen from the side.The simple design makes it easy to layer with your existing rings.

Click here for the green moissanite version⇒FULL ETERNITY RING with Green Moissanite

2. Thin and long fingers
These are ideal fingers that look good with any ring.
A delicate ring fits comfortably on your hand and looks sleek and beautiful, but it is also easy to try out unique items with a little volume.However, if the ring is quite wide, it may not match the volume of your hand and make it difficult to maintain balance, so it may be best to avoid it.

Recta ring

A design with a straight line ring decorated with about 1/4 moissanite.A simple yet elegant ringIt's easy to wear for any occasion and perfect as a daily ring, so it's also recommended for people who don't often wear rings.

Click here for the green moissanite version⇒Recta ring with Green Moissanite

Single baguette moissanite ring

Simple and elegant ring with a single baguette-cut moissaniteBaguette-cut stones are characterized by a more modest shine than round-cut stones.Recommended for those looking for a slightly more modest design than something flashy.

Click here for the black onyx version ⇒ Single baguette black onyx ring

Trolley ring

A design with a well-balanced ring width between thin and thick parts to make your fingers look neat and slender.If you have long fingers, a unique ring with a slightly voluminous feel will go well with it, so a trolley ring is a recommended item.

Pop full eternity ring

It looks like a simple ring, but the sparkling moissanite on the side adds a subtle sense of luxury.This ring is well made, gives a sense of security, and is comfortable to wear.It has a little volume, so you can balance it by wearing it on your index finger or middle finger◎

Ladder stone ring

Simple and clean design inspired by a ladderThe gap gives the right amount of looseness and makes your fingers look smooth and beautiful.The fine sparkle of moissanite also serves as an accent, creating an instantly gorgeous look on your hands.

We previously introduced rings recommended for people with thick fingers, but today we have put together a list of rings for people with thin fingers.
If you have thin fingers and are wondering what kind of ring design will look good on your finger, I hope this will be helpful to you.

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