For those who are worried about thick fingers...Introducing recommende


For those who are worried about thick fingers...Introducing recommended rings!

A must-see for those who have a complex about thick fingers and don't know what kind of ring would look good on them! We have selected the rings we recommend from GYPPHY's ring collection.Even among thick fingers, there are slightly different characteristics between short fingers and long fingers, so this time we will introduce items that we would like those who have thick fingers to wear.

1. Ring recommended for those with thick and short fingers

If you are worried about your fingers being thick and short...

Hands that give a “cute” impressionIf the ring width is too thin and delicate, it may not match the volume of your finger and make your finger's thickness stand out, so it may be best to avoid it.Also, depending on the design, you may be concerned about digging in.On the other hand, if the ring is wide, it will emphasize the horizontal lines, making your finger look even thicker.Therefore, a ring that is neither too thin nor too thick or a V-shaped type will create a vertical line on your finger, making it look longer.


Ladder ring

Simple and clean design inspired by a ladderThe ring width is neither too thick nor too delicate and fits comfortably in your hand.The spacious design makes your fingers look neat.Since it is a stoneless type, you can wear it casually.

The version with stones shines with fine moissanite and expresses femininity.Click here for product details⇒Ladder stone ring

Trolley ring

A ring with a well-balanced design of volume between the thick and thin parts.The fingers can be seen through the gaps, creating a loose look and making the fingers look longer.This item is also made with a focus on comfort and is made thin so you can be satisfied with the fit.

Pons ring

 Design inspired by ancient bridgesA ring with a distinctive arch-shaped three-dimensional feel and moissanite scattered along the line.If there is a change in volume, you won't notice the thickness of your fingers and it will look unique.It also has a cute round shape when viewed from the side, so it is recommended as a thumb ring.


A design born from the desire for people to accept complexes as part of their individuality.The casual design without stones makes it easy to incorporate into your everyday coordination, and is also recommended for ring beginners.The simple yet edgy design makes your hands look stylish.


Double V line ring

By creating vertical lines, A design that has the effect of making your fingers look slender and longer. The ring has a gap on the back, making it easy to put on and take off.The double V-line makes it not too delicate, and is especially recommended for those who have thick and short fingers.

Labyrinth Moissanite Ring

The design looks like a single emerald-cut moissanite floating in a small labyrinth-like space.With just the right width and volume, you can decorate your hand with just this ring.In addition, the center stone type has a point in the center, which divides the thickness of the finger into two, making it look thinner.

The black onyx version also has the effect of tightening the black stone, so it will give your hands a cleaner look.Click here for product details ⇒Labyrinth black onyx ring

Pillar ring

 Design inspired by the pillars of ancient architectureThe diagonally twisted lines are accented with the sparkle of moissanite and black sapphire.The design is rather thin for a silver ring, making it easy to wear on ring fingers and pinky fingers.

Half eternity ring 0.5ct

Luxurious half eternity ring using a total of 0.5ct moissaniteSince we use larger stones, it will not overwhelm the volume of your hands, giving your hands a mature and gorgeous look.Although it has a luxurious design, it can be worn on the middle or index finger for a casual look, making it easy to wear on a daily basis.

2. Ring recommended for those with thick and long fingers

Next, we have selected 8 rings that people with thick and long fingers should wear.Please refer to the characteristics of rings that look well-balanced and find the ring that suits you.

If your fingers are thick and long...

Hands that give a “mature” impressionYou can take advantage of its characteristics and decorate it uniquely.It may be best to avoid rings with cute images or delicate types as they may not match the volume of your hand.On the other hand, thicker widths and voluminous designs have a good balance and fit comfortably in your hand.We also recommend a vertical design because it emphasizes the length of your fingers and doesn't make them look thick.

Crescent sun ring

Design inspired by the small overlap of the crescent moon and sunA voluminous ring like this one is perfect for those with thicker and longer fingers.A unique hand that matches the volume of your hands and doesn't overlap with the surroundings.The single sparkling moissanite in the center also serves as an accent, making it look gorgeous.

Double string Moissanite ring

An item that makes you feel like you are wearing two rings.The gap gives a clean impression, and the thicker width emphasizes the length, making it less noticeable.The moissanite used in each ring gives it a luxurious feel, making it feel like you're wearing a completely different ring.

The version without stones has a simpler and more casual designThis is also a very popular item.Click here for product details⇒ Double string ring


GYPPHY G motif ringThis item can be worn casually and easily.As mentioned above, the wide design with open spaces fits perfectly in your hand.With just the right amount of presence, it casually makes your hands look beautiful.

Square cross

A design characterized by two square arms that intersect vertically and support each other.The vertical design emphasizes the height and makes the thickness of your fingers less noticeable.In addition, the thin arms create a loose feel, so you can keep your hands neat and tidy.A must-have ring for those looking for a unique ring that doesn't overlap with the surroundings.

Square parallel

A ring with two parallel arms that support the moissanite as if it were floating.This ring also has a design with gaps, so it has the effect of making your fingers look neat.This ring has a unique yet simple design that makes it easy to wear for any occasion.



Pop full eternity ring

A seemingly simple ring with sparkling moissanite on the side that adds a subtle sense of luxury.A ring that is well made, gives a sense of security, and is comfortable to wear.Not only does it have just the right width to fit comfortably in your hand, but its simple design makes it easy to stack and is easy to use.



Ring using large moissanite from the popular full eternity ringThe solid volume adds a luxurious presence.A must-have item for those who want to enjoy the luxurious shine of stone.

Double recta ear-cuff

 Design inspired by arched architecture common in ancient timesTwo straight lines overlap, giving it a simple yet appropriate presence.A 2-way item that can be used not only as an ear cuff but also as a size 5 pinky ring.The design has just the right amount of movement and there is a gap, so it can be used to casually decorate your ears or pinky finger.

Moissanite gives a more gorgeous and luxurious impression.Click here for product details⇒ Double recta Moissanite ear-cuff



Among the customers who visit our store, there are many who think that rings do not suit them because they have thick fingers.However, the shape of the ring can completely change the impression of your finger and hand, so find your favorite item that suits you and take a look.I would appreciate it if you could help me even a little!


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