Special feature on jewelry recommended for autumn coordination


Special feature on jewelry recommended for autumn coordination

Don't you tend to choose darker clothes when autumn comes? Therefore, today we will introduce jewelry that will brighten up such coordination.
We will introduce colored jewelry that is recommended as an accent color, jewelry that uses pearls that are easy to incorporate, and finally, silver jewelry that has a sense of volume that can be worn with a jacket or coat.Please feel free to use it as a reference.

[ Colored jewelry recommended as an accent color]
Colored items stand out against dark clothes and monochrome outfits, adding a touch of glamor.Add an accent to your coordination by choosing a color you don't normally choose.

Three-Dimensional Enamel Hoop Earrings

Unusual enamel earringsSimple and just the right size, it is a popular item that is easy to use on a daily basis.If you tend to choose dark clothes, we recommend yellow, which has a lively and bright image.Instantly brightens up the area around your face

Enamel Moissanite Earring

Enameled earrings lined with moissaniteThe accent color and the shine of moissanite create a more gorgeous look.The popular pistachio green is the trending color of 2022.Easy to match with coordination, perfect as an accent color

FULL ETERNITY RING with Green Moissanite

Full eternity ring made of luxurious green moissaniteNot only can it be worn alone, but it is also recommended for layering with other rings due to its delicate construction.

Moissanite Grano Ring with Green Moissanite

Slender ring accented with small green moissaniteGreen moissanite can be enjoyed in a variety of ways depending on how the light enters it.In addition, the arm part is spherical, giving this ring a gorgeous and cute atmosphere.

[ Jewelry using pearls that is easy to incorporate]
Large pearls with a strong presence add glamorGYPPHY's pearl items using gold and moissanite are not too elegant, so they are easy to incorporate into your everyday collection.

String Akoya Ring


A genderless ring with Akoya pearls luxuriously covered in gold and a touch of moissanite added to give the gorgeous pearls a more modern and fashionable design.The gorgeousness of Akoya pearls instantly brightens up your hands.

Akoya Pinch Ring


Ring made with luxurious Akoya pearls and moissaniteWhen viewed from the front, it features an elegant design that looks like it's being inserted from the side.Adds just the right amount of elegance to your fall outfit.

[Silver jewelry with a sense of volume that can be worn with a jacket or coat]
In autumn, people tend to wear voluminous clothing, so smaller jewelry tends to be less noticeable.Add a touch of glamor with large silver jewelry that has a strong presence.

Dome earrings

Earrings with a simple and modern design that have a strong presence and decorate your ears in style.Since there are no stones attached, it is recommended for those who usually wear casual clothes.Also, since it is wide on the sides, it is also a must-have item for those who are worried about the length of their faces.

Square pierce

Earrings characterized by vertical lines that make the face look neat and give a fashionable impression.Simple design that is suitable for any occasionSince it is a catch type, it is an item that can be worn by people with thick earlobes.

Double String Moissanite Ring

The most popular ring in GYPPHY's silver collectionThe design looks like it's layered, and you can enjoy the volume and shine using luxurious moissanite.The width is thicker, so it is recommended for people with long fingers or larger hands.

Tail ring

Simple silver ring that makes use of bare metalUnisex design with a focus on comfortIt has a presence that rivals clothes, so it will be an accent to your coordination.

Add some glamor to your fall outfit with jewelry!

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