A must-see for those who want to try ear cuffs for the first time! Rec


A must-see for those who want to try ear cuffs for the first time! Recommended coordination introduction

A must-see for those who are interested in ear cuffs, which have become a hot topic recently, but haven't tried it yet! We will introduce coordination that is easy to incorporate even for beginners. Not only can you wear one ear cuff, but we've also picked up tips for layering them and recommended styles for layering them with earrings. Please use this as a reference.

Wearing one ear cuff [Beginner version]
This is a basic-shaped ear cuff, so it is a recommended item that is relatively easy to put on and take off, even for beginners. Even just one has a strong presence and instantly brightens up the area around your face.

Full eternity ear cuff

 A very popular full eternity ear cuff made with luxurious moissanite. The S size will fit around the middle of the ear, and the M size will hang slightly below the ear. The M size is a nice 2-way item that can also be used as a pinky ring (size 3) .


Double recta moissanite ear cuff

The ear cuff features a stone on only one of the two straight lines, giving it a gorgeous yet relaxed feel. It's made with a focus on comfort, so it won't cause any pain when you put it on or take it off. This ear cuff can also be used as a pinky ring (size 5).  


Connected ear cuff

The design makes it look like you are wearing two full eternity ear cuffs and a single moissanite earring at the same time. One piece will perfectly decorate your ears. A must-have item for those looking for ear cuffs that won't overlap with your surroundings.

Layering ear cuffs [Intermediate]
By changing the size of the ear cuffs, you can decorate your ears in a well-balanced manner from the top to the bottom. We recommend combining one with stones and one without stones to create a gorgeous impression.

Round ear cuff x Rounded rectangle moissanite ear cuff

The coordination mainly consists of large ear cuffs made of moissanite, combined with small and simple ear cuffs. For balanced and stylish ears. Having points above your ears can also enhance your style.

Full Eternity Ear Cuff x TARUMI EARCUFF

A combination that perfectly matches the gorgeousness of the full eternity ear cuff and the simple design. S and M create different combinations, so choose the size that suits you best.


Layering ear cuffs and earrings
To make the ear cuffs stand out, pair them with slightly understated earrings for a cohesive look. Just like layering ear cuffs, pairing one with stones and one without stones creates a combination that is easy to use on a daily basis without being too flashy.

Bezel pierce x Double recta ear cuff

By layering ear cuffs with simple bezel-type earrings, you can create a playful look. This is a combination you should try if you have a short cut or an updo.


Round piece x Ladder cuff

Pair simple and small hoop earrings with ear cuffs with stones for a stylish look. Ladder cuff has just the right amount of looseness and is perfect for everyday use.

Three stone earrings x Connected ear cuff

The Connected ear cuff has a single moissanite placed at the top of the earlobe, so when you wear stud earrings, it looks like you're wearing two earrings. If you only have one earring hole open and would like to layer your earrings, this coordination is a must-try.


We have introduced recommended products for those who want to try ear cuffs for the first time. What do you think? Please try this challenge this coming season! I would appreciate it if you could be of some help.


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