6 rings that make a statement when worn alone


6 rings that make a statement when worn alone

Even those who don't often wear rings can try this ring, making it stand out when worn alone. Just by wearing one, your impression will change and your mood will improve every time you look at your hands. Find your favorite design and try incorporating it into your everyday coordination.


A silver ring with a unisex design that has a thick ring width that makes it stand out. It fits comfortably on your finger, and its simple design makes it perfect for everyday use. In addition, two small moissanites are accented, giving you just the right amount of gorgeousness.



A design inspired by the tails of squamate creatures. A ring where you can enjoy simple metal without stones. The width is thick, so wearing it on your index or middle finger will balance it out and make your fingers look beautiful. You can enjoy completely different atmospheres with silver and gold colors, so try choosing one that matches your fashion style.





This ring has an impressive design with floating moissanite and two square arms that spread out in parallel and overlap. An item with a unique design inspired by ancient architecture that won't overlap with other items. It also has just the right width and space to make your fingers look neat and slender.



A design that looks like two rings stacked on top of each other. A classic ring that is very popular at GYPPHY. One ring part is made with plenty of moissanite, giving it a luxurious feel. This ring also has a thick design, so it is recommended to wear it on your index finger or middle finger.




The design has a well-balanced volume between the thick and thin parts, giving it a delicate look while still decorating your fingers. The sparkle of the small moissanite in the center is sure to catch your eye. It is also thin and not thick, so it is comfortable to wear.


The POP series has a seemingly simple ring with sparkling moissanite on the side that adds a subtle sense of luxury. This ring is well made, gives a sense of security, and is comfortable to wear. The ring width is neither too thin nor too thick, so it will suit any type of hand.

Your hands are the most visible part of your body, so try wearing your favorite ring to improve your mood. I would appreciate it if you could use it as a reference!


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