Pop-up store held


Pop-up store held

GYPPHY, an ethical jewelry brand that uses the environmentally friendly gemstone “moissanite” and gold/silver, will be holding pop-up stores for a limited time at the following locations as the first department store store among moissanite jewelry brands. Open.

[Yurakucho Marui]
Period: October 1st (Thursday) to October 15th (Thursday), 2020
Location: 1st floor event space

[Hankyu Umeda Main Store]
Period: October 28, 2020 (Wednesday) to November 3, 2020 (Tuesday)
Location: 4th floor Kotokoto Stage 41

This time's theme is



The moissanite used by GYPPHY is a gemstone that was once brought by a meteorite. It's truly a gift from the universe.

And we want to create an ethical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly future.

The display at this pop-up store will be an interesting display that has never been seen before in a jewelry brand, with images of the future and the universe, so we look forward to your visit.



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