Can it be used as a talisman? Introducing pearl jewelry!


Can it be used as a talisman? Introducing pearl jewelry!

Today, I would like to introduce pearls, which have been loved since ancient times.
First, we will introduce the history, meaning, and effects of pearls, and finally, we will introduce GYPPHY's recommended pearl items, so if you are wondering what kind of jewelry to wear these days, or if you are interested in pearl jewelry, If you want to try it but are unsure of what to do, please use this as a reference!

What is the history of pearl?

Pearl is a gemstone with a deep history that has been loved since ancient times. When compared to other gemstones, there are many different stories and names. For example, they were called "Tears of God" and "Presents of the Sea." The reason why it is called this way is because in the past, only natural pearls could be obtained, which made them more valuable, and it was difficult to obtain pearls themselves.
Pearls were first discovered by chance among shellfish collected for food. The first person to find it may have thought it was a gem from the sea god.
Nowadays, technology has developed, and many cultured pearls can now be seen.

What is the meaning of pearl?

6Pearl, the birthstone of the moon, has meanings such as "health, innocence, longevity, wealth, purity, harmony, and completion." In detail, the meaning changes slightly depending on the color, but the typical white pearl has the meaning of ``charm, maternal love, and bond'', and is recommended for those who want to bring out their charm. Black pearls have the meaning of "quiet strength", so this is a gemstone that is recommended for those who stick to their beliefs and have goals they want to achieve.

What is the effect of pearls?

Pearls have a lively energy, so they have the effect of turning negative emotions into positive ones. If you've been feeling down on your energy lately, or want to be more positive, why not try wearing pearls, which can be used as fashion items instead of ordinary charms?

Next, we will introduce 7 recommended items from GYPPHY's pearl collection.


String Akoya Pearl Necklace


String Black-lip Pearl Necklace

A design using 8mm diameter pearls luxuriously covered with gold and using moissanite as a focal point. An item that is easy to match with modern attire without being too elegant. Its presence itself is a focal point, so pairing it with simple clothes will create a very fashionable outfit.


String Akoya Pearl earring

String Black-lip Pearl earring

Of course, we recommend wearing a set of two on both ears, but you can also make a statement by wearing just one. The design is not too cute, so these earrings can be worn regardless of gender.


String Akoya Pearl Ring

String Black-lip Pearl Ring

The simple design features pearls, so it is recommended as a layering item. You can also change the atmosphere depending on how you wear it. For example, you can wear it so that the pearls are directly above your fingers, or tilt it slightly to the side so that the pearls are between your fingers.

Akoya Pinch Ring

When viewed from the front, this ring has a distinctive design that looks like it's being pinched from the side of your finger. The design is such that the pearl is placed between the fingers, so it is recommended to wear it on the index or middle finger. Moissanite is also a focal point and adds even more shine.


Today I explained about pearl jewelry, what did you think? If you are considering pearl jewelry as a treat for yourself or as a gift, please use this as a reference!


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