Large moissanite daily outfit


Large moissanite daily outfit


Only Moissanite can do this!
Big stones are the main feature
《3 daily outfits》

Published: June 30-2020

Every woman has dreamed of a ring with a large stone at least once.Have you given up because of the high price? With GYPPHY's moissanite jewelry, you can easily wear it every day!

We recommend layering it with rings from the daily collection for a more fashionable look and to brighten up your hands! Please refer to it.

First of all, there are three major points that I would like everyone to know about the charm of moissanite.

  • The brilliance is the highest among gemstones
  • Excellent durability
  • Low lipophilicity, difficult to attract oils and fats

There is no other gemstone that can be offered to customers at such a high quality and at such a low price.

It is often compared to diamonds, but they are "completely different things"

Also, the moissanite sold at GYPPHY is purchased from a major semiconductor company and created for secondary use, so it can be said to be a sustainable and ethical product.

Now, let's introduce rings and coordination with large moissanite!

①Princess cut double halo ring


*GYPPHY Recommended Point*

The gorgeous “princess cut double halo ring” can also be layered with other daily rings for an easy-to-wear look.Since it has a square shape, we recommend combining it with a square design Ladder Stone Ring or incorporating a casual chain ring.


⇩Check here for product details⇩

Forefinger (top) - - - Simple ring 

        K9 ¥18,700

Forefinger (lower) - - - Ladder Stone Ring

K9 ¥25,000

Ring finger - - -

Princess cut double halo ring

K9 0.9ct ¥86,900

Pinky - - -

Single moissanite chain ring

K9 ¥17,600

② Solitaire round shape mount side ring


*GYPPHY Recommended Point*

Recommended for those who want to enjoy the brilliance of moissanite"Solitaire round shape mount side ring" made of a single moissanite, simple but with a strong presence.The key to layering is to choose rings with minimal decoration.You can create a casual look while taking advantage of the presence of a single moissanite.


⇩Check here for product details⇩

Forefinger (top) - - - Simple ring 

        K9 ¥18,700

Forefinger (lower) - - -

Single Baguette Moissanite Ring

K9 ¥25,000

Middle finger - - - Double V line ring

    K9 ¥27,000

Ring finger - - -

Solitaire round shape mount side ring

K9 1ct ¥64,900

③Pear cut round shape double halo ring


*GYPPHY Recommended Point*

"Pear cut round shape double halo ring" characterized by sharp and rounded curvesIt has a unique atmosphere, so we recommend pairing it with spiral strings or open thin rings for an oriental look.


⇩Check here for product details⇩

Forefinger - - - String

     K9 ¥29,800

Middle finger - - -

Pear cut round shape double halo ring

K9 0.94ct ¥94,600

Pinky finger - - - Open shin ring

    K9 ¥19,800

A ring featuring a large stone that allows you to enjoy the brilliance of moissanite to the fullest.Many people may be concerned about something that has large stones attached to it, what if it gets scratched or gets dirty.

The appeal of moissanite is that you can wear such a ring every day.Not only for special occasions such as wedding invitations, but why not make every day a little more special by layering them in various ways...♡

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