How to use a ring gauge


How to use a ring gauge

AUG 17, 2020

How to use
Ring gauge.

At GYPPHY, we offer free rental of the tool "Ring Gauge" that allows you to measure your ring size!
Here we will introduce how to use the ring gauge.

[Notes] when measuring

*The ring gauge is heavy because it has many rings.
For this reason, if you try on the ring while it is floating in the air, it will feel looser than the normal ring size due to the weight, and you will not be able to measure the correct size.
Please check the size while placing it on a desk or supporting it with your palm.

*Please try on a size slightly larger than the finger you want to measure.

*In addition to simply measuring the size, please check the comfort by moving your hands a little by holding and opening your hands.

*The best size is one that is comfortable to wear, does not come off with just shaking your hand or pulling lightly, and is just large enough to fit through the second joint.

*Due to swelling, the size of your fingers may change in the morning, afternoon, and evening. If you have time, try measuring several times at different times and days.

*Wider rings tend to feel more cramped than regular rings, so when purchasing a wider ring, we recommend ordering one size larger. doing.


I have introduced how to use a ring gauge, but what do you think?
Please measure your ring size correctly to find the perfect size for you.

Please return the ring gauge that was lent to you free of charge within one week after receiving it. We would appreciate your cooperation.

In addition, GYPPHY offers free ring size repairs within one year, so please contact us at any time if you wish to do so.
Please feel free to contact us via email, LINE or INSTAGRAM DM♩

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