At GYPPHY, one of our missions is to "realize an ethical and peaceful world, even if just a little
", and we are actively working to support the SDGs.

●Problem solving in environmental issues

Utilization of sustainable materials
・Moissanite (secondary use of semiconductor base materials)
・Fairmined Gold/Silver
・Environmentally friendly packaging
●Problem solving in labor issues

① Use of fair trade materials
・Fairmined Gold/Silver
②Support for UNICEF “School for Africa”
●SDGs awareness initiatives

① Message card for purchasers
② Appointing influential people as ambassadors
③ Opening a limited-time store

An example of GYPPHY's SDGs


The moissanite handled by GYPPHY is produced by reusing and recycling surplus materials from the semiconductor material manufacturing process, and generating as little electrical energy as possible.

Since moissanite is a man-made gemstone, it does not involve child labor or conflict resources, which are problems associated with gemstone mining. In addition, creating synthetic jewelry requires the use of electricity 24/7, but GYPPHY's moissanite is made from a secondary material made from the same element (SiC) as the moissanite used by semiconductor companies. Therefore, large amounts of electrical energy are not used to create moissanite. We are trying to avoid emitting carbon dioxide, which is a cause of global warming, as much as possible.


GYPPHY uses "Fairmined Gold/Silver", which is mined in a mine that improves the working environment of working people, as the gold and silver bullion.

Currently, there are many human rights problems in the mines of developing countries, such as children working without going to school, and exploited labor where no matter how hard you work, you only get a few hundred yen. . In addition, workers are required to work with light equipment, resulting in harsh working conditions such as falls and the effects of mercury use on the human body. Fairmined Gold/Silver is gold and silver mined in mines that have established standards to protect the human rights of people working in mines, such as improving working conditions, reducing the use of hazardous chemicals, and improving infrastructure. These are traded with incentives added as fair trade, which leads to regional development such as education and hygiene for miners.

Use environmentally friendly materials

In consideration of the ocean plastic problem, which has become a problem in recent years, we have created packaging and company supplies that do not use plastic materials as much as possible.

All jewelry boxes, warranties, shoppers, etc. are made from FSC-certified materials, and we are committed to using environmentally friendly materials such as plastic-free materials. In addition, to reduce the amount of material wasted, we use simple wrapping that minimizes packaging materials while still protecting the jewelry.

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