Recommended for moissanite beginners! Introducing simple items that ar


Recommended for moissanite beginners! Introducing simple items that are easy to try

For those who know about the existence of moissanite but have never tried it yet, GYPPHYWe will introduce some popular items that are easy to pick up first.We have picked up a total of 12 items, ranging from items that allow you to enjoy the strong shine unique to moissanite to items that are a little more modest and can be worn casually.Please feel free to use it as a reference.


Even though it is delicately made, the luxurious use of moissanite gives it a presence.It's simple and easy to stack, so it's the perfect moissanite ring to try for the first time.If you layer it on your simple ring, it will create a different kind of glamor than usual.

Single baguette moissanite ring

A ring with an elegant presence using a single baguette-cut moissanite.Baguette cuts have a slightly more subdued shine compared to round cuts, so they are recommended for those who are reluctant to wear flashy rings with many stones.It has just the right width and fits comfortably on any finger.

Recta Ring

A simple ring with a straight line decorated with about 1/4 moissanite.Unlike eternity rings where you can see the stone on the front, you can also see the metal, so you can enjoy just the right amount of gorgeousness.It is designed so that you won't have to worry about stones getting caught in it, so please try it as a daily ring.

Trolley ring

A ring with a slightly wide design accented with the delicate shine of fine moissanite.Recommended for those who like rings with volumeItems that are suitable for people with large hands or long fingers

Oculus Ring

A cute ring with an eye motifMoissanite is small but shines enough, so it has a strong presence.Especially recommended for those who usually wear feminine clothes.


Small Moissanite Studs

Stud earrings that allow you to simply enjoy a grain of moissanite.The solitaire-type design held in place by six claws allows light to easily enter, and brightens up your face with the strong shine unique to moissanite.Choose your favorite size from 0.3ct to 0.1ct.

Bezel Pierce

Bezel-type earrings with metal surrounding moissaniteThe bezel type looks a little less shiny, so it is recommended for those who want to casually enjoy moissanite.It's simple, so try decorating your ears in your own way by matching it with ear cuffs etc.

Mini half eternity earrings

Hoop earrings with luxurious moissanite on the frontEven though it is small, the moissanite shines and has a strong presence.A must-have item for those looking for earrings for everyday use.

Single moissanite narrow earrings

Earrings with a cute small moissanite grain and an unusual design that catches the eye.The non-catch type makes it difficult to fall off and is ideal for active scenes.It has just the right amount of presence and is easy to wear for any occasion.

Solitaire Moissanite Necklace

A simple and bold necklace that stands out with the shine of a single moissanite.Since it is a nail type, you can enjoy the strong shine of moissanite.Choose your favorite size from 0.5ct to 1ct.

Bezel moissanite necklace

A type of necklace with a single moissanite in a bezel settingRecommended for those who want to wear it casually as it has a slightly subdued shine due to being surrounded by metal.Choose your favorite size from 0.1ct to 0.3ct.

Baguette cut moissanite necklace

Necklace using baguette cut moissaniteRectangular stones give an elegant and mature impressionIt's easy to wear with any outfit, so it's recommended for everyday use.


What do you think of the 12 recommended items for moissanite beginners? Moissanite not only has a strong shine but also is resistant to oil, making it difficult to cloud and recommended for daily use.We hope you will pick it up and use it regularly!


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