Introducing recommended coordination for autumn!


Introducing recommended coordination for autumn!

The temperature is gradually dropping and the number of cool days is increasing. In the fall and winter, many people wear layers and incorporate darker colors such as brown and gray into their clothes. By incorporating jewelry that has a presence, you can add elegance to your outfit.
We will introduce 5 recommended combinations, from items using moissanite and pearls to large jewelry made mainly of bullion.
Please use this as a reference.

Coordinate 1

A combination of earrings made with popular Akoya pearls and a ring decorated with small freshwater pearls. Pearls tend to look classy, ​​but by using moissanite and bullion, you can wear them for a casual look. This style is recommended for those who tend to choose dark colored clothes.

Wearing jewelry (from top)
Akoya string pearl earrings
String pearl ring

Coordinate 2

Coordinate with a rare type of earrings that are large and wide, and the very popular double-strand silver ring. This item has a strong presence and will add an accent to your face and hands. It is also available in gold color, so if you are a gold lover, this is a combination you should definitely check out.

Wearing jewelry (from top)
Dome earrings
Double string Moissanite ring
Tarumi ring

Coordinate 3

A combination of a simple bezel necklace and an open ring accented with pearls. The ring appears to be sandwiched in from the side, and the pearl peeking out between the index and middle fingers gives it a unique and gorgeous look. The ring also uses moissanite, so it goes great with a bezel necklace. This item is easy to match with any coordination.

Wearing jewelry (from top)
Bezel moissanite necklace 0.3ct
Akoya pinch ring
Simple ring

Coordinate 4

The focal point of this coordination is a bold chain necklace. Matching the ring with a thicker item will balance out the look and create a cohesive look. Even if your ring is thick, you can enjoy the right amount of looseness by choosing a design with gaps. A combination that stands out because it's a simple outfit.

Wearing jewelry (from top)
Robustus pearl chain necklace
Single baguette moissanite ring
Double string ring

Coordinate 5


Coordinate the popular chain necklace with ear cuffs. The length of the necklace can be adjusted freely, so you can change it to match your outfit that day. It is a long item with a total length of 50 cm, so it can be worn by men as well. By layering the ear cuffs without stones and with stones, it becomes just the right amount of gorgeousness.

Wearing jewelry (from top)
Full eternity ear cuff S
Wide ear cuff
Chain Necklace


We have introduced recommended jewelry coordination for the coming season so far, what do you think? Please use this as a reference.




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