Explaining why ethical jewelry is recommended for wedding rings


Explaining why ethical jewelry is recommended for wedding rings

Ethical jewelry, which uses recycled materials and other materials that are considerate of people, society, and the natural environment, is recommended as a wedding ring.Just purchasing them helps preserve nature and improve the working environment, and there are high-quality and reasonably priced products available.This time, let's check out the prices and how to choose ethical jewelry wedding rings.

Previously, platinum and gold were the mainstream when it came to wedding rings, but as time has passed, these stereotypes have faded. And in recent years, more and more people are choosing ethical jewelry as their wedding rings. This article will explain in detail three reasons why ethical jewelry is chosen for wedding rings.

Two reasons why ethical jewelry is recommended for wedding rings

In recent years, ethical jewelry has become increasingly accepted as wedding and engagement rings.There are two main reasons for this. ● Happiness comes true while contributing to the natural environment ● Many are of high quality Let's unravel the appeal and benefits of ethical jewelry based on each reason.

1. Happiness comes true while contributing to the natural environment

"Ethical" in ethical jewelry includes the meaning of moral. Ethical jewelry is characterized by not using expensive precious metals or raw stones that can cause conflicts, and by not using low-wage labor or child labor in the manufacturing process. By simply purchasing ethical jewelry, you can directly support the natural environment and workers.The ability to achieve both personal happiness and social contribution is a unique benefit of ethical jewelry.

2.Many of them are of high quality

There are many high-quality ethical jewelry rings that are particular about their designs and materials.You'll be able to find your favorite product from a wide variety of rings, including rings with intricate designs that incorporate traditional techniques from around the world and rings made with organic stones.

Prices of ethical jewelry wedding rings

The price range of ethical jewelry wedding rings is approximately 30,000 to 100,000 yen.Of course, prices vary depending on the material and design, with diamonds and gold being more expensive.On the other hand, organic stones and recycled platinum are set at affordable prices, so they are recommended for those who want to keep costs down.

3 ways to choose an ethical jewelry wedding ring

A wedding ring is a “treasure” that you will never have again in your life.When choosing an ethical jewelry wedding ring, pay attention to the following three points:

● Choose a ring with a universal design

● Choose fair trade jewelry

● Choose a shop with good after-sales service

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1.Choose a ring with a universal design

Wedding rings are meant to be worn for a long time, so choose a universal design that will be loved throughout the ages.We recommend designs that blend into each other's lives, such as your taste in everyday clothing and work.Choosing a ring that feels natural and doesn't snag or distort will help prevent finger injuries and ring breakage.

2. Choose fair trade jewelry

Fair Trade certified jewelry is a product that has taken steps to reduce harmful substances during mining and refining, and has also cleared established standards.Typical examples include “Fairmined Gold” and “Fairmined Silver.” Usually in developing countries, when refining gold, mercury, which is harmful to the human body, is used.However, the fair trade manufacturing process involves reducing the amount of harmful substances, which will help prevent harm to the human body in developing countries.

3.Choose a shop with good after-sales service

When purchasing an ethical jewelry wedding ring, choose a shop with excellent after-sales service. ● You can have your ring resized for free within one year ● Your ring will be cleaned and checked for looseness for free ● Diamonds, pearls, etc. can be refastened If you have after-sales services like the ones mentioned above, there will be no problem with your ring. It is safe even if there isCheck the official website of the shop in advance.​

Choose your ideal ethical jewelry wedding ring by keeping in mind the key points

Ethical jewelry wedding rings are often of high quality and more affordable than regular rings, and they also offer happiness while contributing to the natural environment. When choosing ethical jewellery, choose universal designs and fair trade jewellery.Also, don't forget to check if the after-sales service is good.

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