[Perfect for summer] Re-released on July 1st! Recommended coordination


[Perfect for summer] Re-released on July 1st! Recommended coordination for the popular enamel earrings

The temperature is rising and summer is approaching. Today we would like to introduce enamel earrings that you will want to wear during this season. GYPPHY's very popular product was sold out, but we have decided to resell it from July 1st! We will also introduce the product along with how to wear it with ear cuffs and other earrings. Please use this as a reference.

Three-Dimensional Enamel Hoop Earrings
Resale color: Black, White

The front and left and right sides are enameled, so the color is visible not only from the front, but also when viewed from the side. The size is neither too big nor too small, making it easy to wear for any occasion.


Black has a fashionable feel and gives a firmer look around the face. Of course, it looks great when worn alone, but if you have another earring hole, you can layer it with simple gold hoop earrings for an even more fashionable look.


Cool white is especially recommended for the upcoming season. Pair it with ear cuffs with moissanite for a more glamorous look. Especially when you have your hair up, you can enjoy coordinating with not only earrings, but also layered with ear cuffs to create a statement.

Enamel Moissanite Earring
Resale colors: black, white, pistachio green

By combining moissanite and enamel, the design has a vintage feel while also giving a sense of luxury and elegance. Compared to enamel earrings without moissanite, these earrings are a little wider and the stone has a shine, so you can enjoy their presence even more.


Earrings with an impressive black color and sparkle of moissanite. Of course you can wear one, but wearing a small ear cuff above your ear will draw the eye upwards and improve your style. Black x gold is a combination that is also recommended for tanned skin.


Earrings with an elegant impression of white color and the sparkle of moissanite. By layering ear cuffs with moissanite, you can increase the volume and make your face look even more gorgeous. You can also enjoy a different atmosphere by wearing the moissanite on the outside of your face.


Pistachio green is a color you'll want to incorporate into the summer. Especially if you don't usually wear colored clothes, why not try it as an accent color? Add gold earrings and ear cuffs to create an even more unique look.

[Resale schedule]
7/1 (Sat) Store sales only at Jiyugaoka main store and Grand Front Osaka store
7/2 (Sun) ) Online sales start from 11:00
*As this is a special product, it cannot be made to order. It will end as soon as it is sold out. If the item is sold out on 7/1, there will be no online sale on 7/2.


So far, we have introduced the recommended enamel earrings for summer, but what do you think? These earrings are made of 925 sterling silver, a high-quality material, and are available at an affordable price. Why not try adding it to your coordination for the coming season?

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