Recommended as a Christmas present! 11 popular items under 30,000 yen


Recommended as a Christmas present! 11 popular items under 30,000 yen

December is almost here.
The city is getting into the holiday mood, and there are many people who are excited.
Why not choose jewelry as a Christmas present or as a reward for yourself who worked hard all year?
We have collected popular items that can be obtained for less than 30,000 yen.


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TAIL RING ¥18,700

A design inspired by the tail of a squamate. Its simple but attractive form fits your fingers. Gold has a vintage feel, while silver has a cool and modern look, so choose one that matches your outfit.


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A design with the “G” of GYPPHY as a motif. The cut-out silhouette creates a stylish look, and this ring will make an impressive piece. The hollow space gives a clean impression, so it is also recommended for people who are concerned about the thickness of their fingers.


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OCULUS RING (K10) ¥26,400

A delicate, simple and cute design with an eye motif. It goes well with other rings, so we recommend layering them together. This ring is easy to match with any outfit, from office casual to going out style.


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A cute design with a small moissanite and a slender ring. Wearing a grano ring instantly makes your hands look feminine. Also recommended as a pinky ring.


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RECTA RING (K10) ¥29,000

A simple item with small moissanites lined up on a straight line ring. Recommended for those who want an eternity ring but think it's too flashy. It goes well with casual fashion, so it can be used for both formal and casual occasions.


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A ring designed to show two rings being worn. Moissanite is used abundantly in one ring part, giving it a luxurious feel and instantly adding glamor to your hand. You can easily enjoy layering coordination with this one item.


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A simple rectangular plate necklace. You can add your desired letters, messages, or initials in the alphabet for free. Recommended item for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones. The design emphasizes the vertical lines, making your neck look neat!


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The shape, size, and balance of the chain are all original designs, and each piece is knitted one by one, making it a unique design. Chain necklaces tend to look rugged depending on the design and thickness of the chain, but this Chain Necklace has a delicate form, so it goes well with a variety of outfits, from casual to feminine outfits. .


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BEZEL PIERCE (K10) ¥24,000

Bezel-type earrings with metal surrounding moissanite. The bezel type has a slightly less shiny look, so it is easy to match with casual clothes. Recommended as a double pair for those who have multiple piercing holes.


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Earrings with a spiral design that look like they are layered. A small moissanite also creates a feminine look. Since it is a screw type, it does not come off easily and is perfect for active scenes. As it is simple, it goes well with various coordinations.


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Small moissanite earrings with a subtle sparkle. Recommended for layering with other piercings or wearing on cartilage. It's simple and not too flashy, so it's perfect for everyday use, as well as for invitations and formal occasions.

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