Christmas is around the corner! Introducing recommended items as a rew


Christmas is around the corner! Introducing recommended items as a reward for yourself or jewelry you ask for

With less than two months left this year, it's already Christmas season!Many people may be considering jewelry as a reward for themselves who have worked hard throughout the year, or as a gift for their partner.
Jewelry that you buy for Christmas or receive from a loved one will feel more special than usual, so we recommend simple and minimalist designs that can be worn on a daily basis for a long time.Also, during the cold season, you tend to choose darker clothes, so why not add some glamor to your outfit with jewelry that has moissanite on it?

If you would like delivery by Christmas, please refer to the delivery details below.

[About Christmas delivery date]

■ Immediate delivery: If you place your order by 13:00 on December 22nd, we will arrange for it to be shipped the same day and arrive on the 23rd.

■Made-to-order products: If you place your order by 4pm on December 5th, we will ship it on December 22nd and arrive the next day on the 23rd.

* Delivery to Okinawa/Kyushu/Hokkaido/Hiroshima/Yamaguchi prefectures takes 2 days, so if shipped on the 22nd, it will arrive on the 24th.


Emerald Moissanite Full Eternity Ring
K10 ¥45,000
K18 ¥59,000

A delicate ring that is very popular in GYPPHY, with a luxurious full eternity type and emerald cut moissanite.The hoof features a gorgeous design using many stones.Wear it on your index or middle finger for a casual look, or wear it on your ring finger for a feminine and soft look.

Click here for the ring with emerald cut moissanite attached sideways⇒Emerald Moissanite Full Eternity Ring side ver.

Akoya pinch ring
K18 Gold vermeil/Sterling silver 925 ¥28,900

Ring using 8mm large Akoya pearl and moissanitePearls are easy to incorporate into everyday life, and they add just the right amount of glamor to winter outfits, which tend to be dark in color.Also, since it is an open type, it is easy to put on and take off, so you can wear it without stress.

Oculus Ring with Green Moissanite
K10 ¥28,000
K18 ¥45,000

Oculus ring designed with an eye motifGreen moissanite is sure to catch the eye as an accent color in your winter wardrobe.You can enjoy a slightly different hand coordination that stands out from those around you.

Click here for rings using regular moissanite⇒Oculus Ring

Double string Moissanite ring
K24 Gold vermeil/Sterling silver 925 ¥29,700

Silver ring that makes you feel like you are wearing two ringsThis ring has plenty of volume and the strong shine of moissanite, making it an outstanding presence even when worn alone.Does it look too flashy? However, this ring is easy to match with any outfit and is easy to use on a daily basis.

[Earrings/ear cuff]

Full eternity ear cuff
S K10 ¥31,000 K18 ¥50,900
M K10 ¥36,000 K18 ¥52,900

Full eternity type ear cuff made with luxurious moissaniteThe size S is designed to fit perfectly in the center of the ear, and the size M is designed to fall slightly below the ear.The M size is also a convenient 2-way item that can also be used as a pinky ring size 3.

Small Moissanite studs
0.1ct K10 ¥29,700 K18 ¥39,000
0.3ct K10 ¥40,000 K18 ¥50,000

Simple moissanite stud earringsOne is a standard item that you want to have.Moissanite has the property of not getting oily, so there is generally no problem with wearing it all the time.This is a must-have item for those looking for earrings for everyday use.

Mini half eternity earrings
K10 ¥39,000
K18 ¥60,000

Small hoop earrings with half eternity styleAlthough it is small, you can enjoy a solid presence with the shine of moissanite.Since it is a type without a catch, it is difficult to get caught, making it an item that can be used for a long time without any worries on a daily basis.

Double recta Moissanite ear cuff
K24 Gold vermeil/Sterling silver 925 ¥26,900 

The ear cuff is made of silver material with a stone on only one of the two straight lines, giving it a gorgeous but moderately loose feel.Even if you don't have earrings, you can easily decorate your ears.It is also a great value 2-way item that can be used as a size 5 pinky ring.

Click here for the design without moissanite⇒Double recta ear cuff



Solitaire Moissanite Necklace
0.5ct K10 ¥52,000 K18 ¥75,000
1ct K10 ¥64,000 K18 ¥89,000

A simple necklace that stands out with the shine of a single moissanite.The recommended point is the design that allows a lot of light to come in with the solitaire setting held in place by four claws.Easy to match with any style, keep it on

K24 Gold vermeil/Sterling silver 925 ¥34,000

GYPPHY's very popular silver necklaceIt is an item that can be worn by any person as it has just the right thickness.We also recommend layering it with a single necklace to add even more glamor to your outfit.The length can be adjusted freely, so you can change it to suit your outfit or mood that day.

Robustus Pearl Chain Necklace
K18 Gold vermeil ¥175,000
Sterling silver 925 ¥160,000

A new chain necklace with an asymmetrical mode that expresses “boldness,” “power,” and “confidence.”By adding pearls to the thick and bold design, you can enjoy even more glamor.Why not choose a luxurious silver necklace to reward yourself for all your hard work this year?


Silver Moissanite Bangle
K24 Gold vermeil/Sterling silver 925 ¥80,000

Silver bangle luxuriously made with 2mm wide moissaniteThe gorgeous shine that can be glimpsed from the sleeves of coats and jackets catches the eye.Just by adding one thing, you can create a different atmosphere than usual.Why not try asking for a bangle this year, which you usually put off buying for yourself?

Robustus Chain Bracelet
Sterling silver ¥75,000
K18 Gold vermeil ¥80,000

Voluminous silver braceletThe generous use of 925 sterling silver creates a sense of luxury in both texture and weight, creating an elegant fashion statement.Bracelet is a multi-purpose item that can be used in any season, whether it's showing off your skin in the summer or over knitwear in the winter.


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