If you have this, you will be stylish! "Chain Necklace"


If you have this, you will be stylish! "Chain Necklace"

“Chain Necklace” has been explosively popular since its release
The reason why it continues to be popular, such as selling out immediately even when it is restocked, and
Introducing recommended coordination using Chain Necklace.
If you are interested, please check it out!

[1] Why is it popular?

Reason for popularity① “Original design like no other!”

Chain necklaces have been popular as a trending item for several years, but this Chain Necklace is unique in that it has an original design, including the shape, size, and balance of the chain, and is woven one by one. It's a design that you wouldn't expect to find anywhere else.
Customers have said, ``I fell in love at first sight when I found this exquisite size because it wasn't sold anywhere else,'' and ``It's a trendy chain necklace, but it doesn't overlap with other people, so I decided on it right away.'' We have received positive comments such as “!”.

Reason for popularity② “It matches any coordination!

Depending on the design and thickness of the chain, chain necklaces tend to look rugged and end up being worn with clothing, but this Chain Necklace can be worn not only with casual and cool mode fashion, but also with feminine outfits. It's an excellent item that matches a variety of outfits, including pretty office lady fashion♡
Even if you're thinking, ``I want to try a chain necklace, but does it match my fashion style?'' or ``I want a chain to give me a street-like image,'' you can easily incorporate it!

[2] 4 recommended coordination choices

It's versatile and can be used alone or stacked with other items.
Whether you are interested or already own one, please use this as a reference for your coordination♡

① Wear it short to create a “Y-shaped necklace style”

One of the charms of Chain Necklace is that you can adjust the length to your liking! You can also wear it like a Y-shaped necklace by hooking the clasp onto the end of the chain with a few centimeters left and hanging it in front. Pair it with a V-neck shirt or tight rib knit, and the Chain Necklace will make your chest look even more gorgeous♩

② Layer a single moissanite necklace

An unexpected combination of a single moissanite necklace and Chain Necklace that feels elegant! The solitaire moissanite necklace she is wearing is 1ct. These two items, which are usually the main focus, create a three-dimensional effect by matching them together and bring out the best of each other, so it is recommended as an accent to a simple outfit♩

③Pair it with a chain necklace of a different design for a cool look

Layering chain necklaces with a slightly different design will instantly give you a cool look. If you already have a chain necklace or want to try wearing it in a different way, please try it! The layered Snake Chain Necklace has a smooth shape that hugs your skin and goes well with a variety of outfits. A versatile item. It might be a good idea to carry two and choose according to your mood that day!

④Wrap it around your wrist to make it look like a bracelet

The Chain Necklace has a total length of 50cm, so by wrapping it around and securing the clasp, you can wear it like layered bracelets! Not only can it be worn simply in the summer, but it can also be matched with clothes made of thick fabrics in the fall and winter, so you can enjoy it all year round. If you want to enjoy something different than usual, please give it a try♩

Please try incorporating it into “autumn fashion”♩

As the weather gets cooler, it's the season to enjoy layering your clothes! When you get new clothes for fall, why not try adding something to add style to your neck? ♡
Currently, the Chain Necklace is very popular, so it may be sold out even if it is restocked, so if you are looking for one, check it out as soon as possible!

*Even if we do not have the item in stock, you can place an order as made-to-order. Please note that it may take approximately 4 weeks for delivery.

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