[Starting sales on 7/22] Introducing recommended coordination using bo


[Starting sales on 7/22] Introducing recommended coordination using body piercings

We have decided to release GYPPHY's first body piercing!

These earrings have a delicate and classic design and are easy to use, so you can keep them on. The screw-type catch is manufactured to our own specifications and is especially recommended for those who are worried about their earrings coming off or those who want to keep them on all the time.
There are 7 types in total, so why not find your favorite and incorporate it into your daily coordination?
We will be introducing some recommended layering coordination, so please use this as a reference.

Coordinate 1

A coordination that features large delicate hoop earrings and three body piercings. Body piercings of a size that won't make too much of a statement are easy to casually match with everyday piercings, and will add style. Wearing items with a bit of presence on your cartilage will raise the eye and improve your style.

Earrings used (from top)
mitsuba body pierce
omeme body pierce
sankaku body pierce
Iconic G pierce

Coordinate 2

This coordination is recommended for those who have many empty piercing holes. By purposely wearing all the earrings on the smaller side, it doesn't look too flashy, giving your ears a cohesive look. You can change where you wear it depending on your mood that day. Find your favorite motif.

Earrings used (from top)
sankaku body pierce
ohoshisama body pierce
ikazuchi body pierce
three stone earrings

Coordinate 3

The focal point of this outfit is wearing a double pair of small hoop earrings. You can also add more body piercings for a more fashionable look. Both hoop earrings and body piercings don't come off easily, so you can basically keep them on without any problems, so they're especially recommended for people who don't want to change them every day.

Earrings used (from top)
ohana body pierce
sankaku body pierce
round pierce
Mini half eternity earrings

Coordinate 4

Coordinate with the recently popular Akoya pearl earrings. This item has a fashionable design, which is rare for pearl earrings, so it won't look out of place when paired with small body piercings, giving your ears a cohesive look.

Earrings used (from top)
mikazuki body pierce
ohoshisama body pierce
sankaku body pierce
String Akoya pearl earrings

Coordinate 5

Coordinated with large vertical silver earrings. Earrings with a vertical silhouette have the effect of making your face look crisper. It has quite a presence on its own, but pairing it with body piercings will make your outfit stand out from the rest.

Earrings used (from top)
omeme body pierce
ikazuchi body pierce
Bend pierce


We have introduced coordination using body piercings that will be released on July 22nd, what do you think?
Many people may be looking for delicate body piercings that can be used on a daily basis. Since it is made of K10 or K18 material, you can basically wear it all the time without any problems and are unlikely to cause allergic reactions. We will also have it available at our Jiyugaoka store and Grand Front Osaka store, so please come and pick it up!



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