If you have this, it's perfect! “One Moissanite Necklace” that you wan


If you have this, it's perfect! “One Moissanite Necklace” that you want to wear every day

Introducing a simple single necklace recommended for those looking for a necklace that can be worn regardless of the occasion or coordination! It's recommended not only for yourself but also as a gift, so please use it as a reference when shopping ♩


Bezel Moissanite Necklace

A bezel-setting necklace with moissanite surrounded by metal. It can be worn as a casual down jacket, so it matches a variety of outfits.


Recommended layering

A recommended layering item for Bezel Moissanite is the “Queen Que Stone Necklace” which also has a bezel setting. It creates a somewhat oriental atmosphere and gives a gorgeous impression.

Bezel Moissanite Necklace
Queen Questone Necklace


Solitaire Moissanite Necklace

A simple necklace that stands out with the shine of a single moissanite. The recommended point is the design that allows a lot of light to come in with the solitaire setting held in place by four claws. Suitable for formal use, so you can also use it for invitations etc.


Recommended layering

For those who want to wear it casually, we recommend layering it with a Chain Necklace. Because of their delicate form, they complement each other's presence, making them perfect for accenting simple coordination!

Solitaire Moissanite Necklace
Chain Necklace


Recommended as a gift! Choose your favorite size♩

Bezel Moissanite Necklace and Solitaire Moissanite Necklace are available in different moissanite sizes. The appearance and atmosphere will change depending on the carat weight, so if you are interested, please try them on at the store and find your favorite♩

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